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All-Tuna Sushi Meal Kit

Every meal kit includes a prime selection of sushi-grade tuna to make your own sushi. We'll teach you to make at least four different tuna-based recipes every month.

Feeds 4-5 people
Only $6 shipping

Make amazing tuna sushi recipes with this kit.

Experience the fun of making sushi-grade tuna sushi at home.

Recipe #1

Spicy Tuna Roll

makes 16 pieces

Brushed with ginger-marinated soy, scallions and sesame

Recipe #2

Ponzu Gunkan Sushi

makes 4 pieces

Minced and scooped into rice cups with black lava salt

Recipe #3

Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice Cakes

makes 4 pieces

Spicy tuna tartare topped over crispy fried rice cubes

Recipe #4

Tuna Tekkamaki Rolls

makes 16 pieces

Luscious strips of pure tuna rolled into crisp nori sheets

"We had so much fun making all this sushi. The tuna is amazing."

-Shelly W.

You get sushi-grade tuna + all ingredients.

✓ Akami Yellowfin Tuna
✓ MSG-free Rice Vinegar
✓ Sriracha Sauce
✓ Bamboo Rolling Mat

✓ Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
✓ Kombu Umami Flavor Strips
✓ Pan-Roasted Sesame Seeds
✓ Togarashi Pepper Flakes

✓ Organic non-GMO Rice
✓ Soy Dipping Sauce 
✓ Pickled Gari Ginger
✓ Green Wasabi Paste

✓ Ponzu Citrus Marinade
✓ Toasted Sesame Oil
✓ Mayonnaise
✓ Crisp Nori Seaweed Sheets

We do the shopping. You do the sushi.

No more boring meals.

Our tuna sushi kits make meals memorable. 

Feeds up to 4-5 people

We rotate our tuna sushi recipes often.

Never get bored of what you get.

Tuna Handrolls

Tuna Nigiri

Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna

 Tuna Carpaccio

Seared Tuna Sashimi

Tuna Tartare

Negihama Rolls

 Tuna Gunkins

Tuna Sashimi

Tuna Maki Rolls

Ahi Tuna Pokè Bowls

 Tuna Carpaccio

Why choose Sushify?

Exceptional Tuna

We work with our partners to source the oceans' best tuna.

Everything Included

All those hard-to-find ingredients are in the box. Just add veggies.

Monthly Deliveries

Delivered monthly - not weekly, no one wants that many boxes

Generous Servings

Enough to feed up to
4-5 tuna sushi lovers.

Easy Sushi Recipes

Easy, step-by-step recipe booklets.

Only $6 Shipping

Speedy shipping for only a few bucks.

What people are saying about us.

Amazing meal kit

If you want to learn to make sushi and impress friends, I highly recommend giving this a try. I fed a family of four for 3 nights and got serious sushi making skills.

Kurt S.

Bentonville, AR


We made sushi last night thanks to this amazing service. Best quarantine dinner ever! Impressive packaging, delicious recipes, such fun. They send you everything.

Isa O.

Long Island, NY

Fun experience

I can't believe how much I got... roe, hokkaido scallops, tuna, salmon, ebi and all the fixings. Can't think of a better way to spend the weekend than to perfect my sushi game.


Orlando, FL

I made sushi!

I never imagined making my own sushi. My husband and I made incredible tuna sushi recipes just like at a sushi bar. 

Denise T.

Morton Grove, IL

We're in love.

We cooked in so many times that we just wanted something different. Sushify recipes keeps us on our toes, we love the variety.

Brenda C.

Long Island, NY

So unique

Recipes took less than 30 mins. The fish was perfect and we tried new things we wouldn't normally try. Big fan.

April M.

Durham, NC

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Boxes are limited.

Feeds up to 4-5 people

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Got ingredients?

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The most talked about meal kits.

Discover the versatility of tuna with our all-tuna sushi meal kit.

Our tuna sushi meal kits will have you putting out sushi like a pro. We source the finest tuna and ingredients from the world over to make your Sushify experience truly unique.

Feeds up to 4-5 people

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