Fresh Fish and Frozen Fish

Finding the Freshest Frozen Fish

One of the first questions that comes to mind when buying frozen fish is, how does it compare to the “fresh” fish at my local grocer’s seafood counter? Well, the answer to that question might actually surprise you.

How is frozen different from “fresh” fish at the seafood counter?

We hate to be the ones to break this to you, but that wild salmon you see laying on ice in your market's seafood case most likely didn’t come straight off the boat that morning. It’s also hard to determine the exact amount of time your fish at the seafood counter has been sitting out, or in suboptimal refrigerated storage, reducing quality with every passing moment. Which brings us to our next topic… 

“Flash Frozen” — what does that actually mean?

Flash frozen simply means that the fish is frozen quickly at the peak of its freshness. All Sushify fish is flash frozen in this manner. This is achieved by rapidly freezing food at low temperatures to retain flavor, texture and shape. Basically, the slower that seafood freezes, the larger the ice crystals are that form between the fibers of the protein which can impact flavor and cause the fish to dry out. The fish we offer is frozen right after being caught. When our fish gets flash frozen at the peak of its quality, it locks in all of the nutrients, moisture and great taste. Minimizing the time between capture and freezing prevents the deterioration of quality that naturally begins the moment seafood hits the air. 

So, frozen fish can really taste like it was just caught?

Yes. A recent study even found that flash frozen seafood rated at the same quality or significantly better than store bought “fresh” fish. In fact, the Ecotrust Study by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation found that frozen fish was rated superior or equal to their fresh counterparts. 

Who else recommends buying flash frozen fish?

FDA safety guidelines recommend the freezing of most fish that’s to be served and consumed raw. The Washington Post reported that “frozen can be fresher and in better condition." At Sushify, we work with only the finest suppliers to ensure that our customers are getting the finest fish selections possible.