Sushi meal kits for every taste.

Experience the fun of making sushi at home.


Sushi meal kits for every taste.

Experience the fun of making sushi at home.

We deliver everything you need to have fun making sushi at home.

Our award-winning meal kits include all the hard-to-find ingredients. Just add fresh veggies and you're on your way to making outstanding sushi at home.

And delivery is only $6 anywhere in USA!

Our Variety Sushi Box is back!

Looking for something else? There's a box for everyone.

Ahi Tuna
Pokè Box

You'll be preparing the best pokè in town with this box.
Feeds 4-5
Sold out

NEW! Variety
Sushi Box

Hokkaido scallops, ebi shrimp, tuna, kanikama crab and unagi.
Feeds 4-6
Sold out

Sushi Box

Sorry, this box is available only to existing subscribers only.
Feeds 4-8
Sold out

BBQ Freshwater Unagi Box

You'll make eel nigiri, Dragon Rolls, donburi bowls and more.
Feeds 4-5
Sold out

Tuna Lovers Box

Tuna rolls, tuna sushi, tuna bowls and more. Tuna tuna tuna.
Feeds 4-5
Sold out

Japanese Veggie

Make tasty veggie sushi like Yamagobo, Oshinko, Umeboshi.
Feeds 4-5
Coming soon

Mochi Dessert Box

The secret to this perfect dessert is finely milled Japanese flour.
Includes silicon baking pan

"Sushify meal kits are much more than just dinner."

-Bill C.

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Got ingredients?

Just need a few ingredients to make sushi? Restock your pantry with Japanese rice, wasabi, nori sheets, kombu, shaved bonito, furikake and more.

Why choose Sushify?

Exceptional Fish

We work with trusted partners to source the oceans' best fish.

Everything Included

All those hard-to-find ingredients are in the box. Just add veggies.

Monthly Deliveries

Our boxes are delivered once a month.

Generous Servings

Our kits feed a boatload of sushi lovers.

Easy Sushi Recipes

Easy to follow, step-by-step recipes.

Only $6 Shipping

We ship anywhere in the USA.

Sushi. Expertly made by you.

Join the thousands that make sushi at home with our sushi meal kits. 

Tuna Poke Tower

made by

Lynette Perez
Bronx, NY

Nigiri Sushi

made by

Trevor Davois
Austin, TX

Masago Shrimp

made by

Andrey Gudini
Davidson, TN

Negitoro Salmon

made by

Sandra Petty
Torrance, CA

Tuna Poke Tower

Nigiri Sushi

Masago Shrimp 

Salmon Wrap Rolls

Our customers love our sushi kits.

An amazing meal kit

If you want to learn how to make sushi and impress friends, I highly recommend giving this a try. I fed a family of four for 3 nights and got some serious sushi making skills.

Kurt S.

Bentonville, AR


We made sushi last night thanks to this amazing service. Best quarantine dinner ever! Impressive packaging, delicious recipes, such fun. They send you everything.

Isa O.

Long Island, NY

Fun experience

I can't believe how much I got... roe, hokkaido scallops, tuna, salmon, ebi and all the fixings. Can't think of a better way to spend the weekend than to perfect my sushi game.


Orlando, FL

I made sushi!

I never imagined making my own sushi. My husband and I made incredible tuna sushi recipes just like at a sushi bar. 

Denise T.

Morton Grove, IL

We're in love.

We cooked in so many times, we wanted something different. Sushify recipes keeps us on our toes.

Brenda C.

Long Island, NY

So unique

Recipes took less than 30 mins. The fish was perfect and we tried new things we wouldn't normally try. Big fan.

April M.

Durham, NC

Enjoy a different meal kit experience.

The Sushify experience is truly unique. With so many meal kits to choose from, you'll have fun making all types of sushi like a pro. 

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